Mount mode

Mount mode will appear if after betarries are put into TRV at first time or if by accident isheld down.

You can check by two ways if TRV is in Mount mode

  1. You can see M symbol on the display.
    Režim Mount - na displeji je vidět písmeno M

  2. if you do not see display, then rotate with TRV, like in attachement uvolnenaHlavice.gif, if you sence any resistance. No resistance = Mount mode.

How to get TRV work again.

  • Press and holdfor 3 seconds. Then you should hear TRV's gears work and desired temperature

Thermostat got loose

You can recognize this, by sensing overheated room, even if Temerature set to lower level. During installation it can happen, that TRV is awry.

There is only one way how to check it.

  • By rotating counter-clockwise. TRV should go off valve partialy. See video in attachement hlaviceSpatne.mp4 as an example.

Solving this issue:

  1. Demount TRV:

    1. Press and holdfor atleast 3 seconds until you see M symbol on display.
    2. Pressagain for turning TRV into Mount mode.
    3. Put screwdriver into TRV.
      Stat when you cannot put screwdriver in:

      Stat when you can put screwdriver in:
    4. By rotating TRV counter-clockwise demount TRV from radiator valve.
      ⚠attention: Do not demount valve reduction.

  2. Mount TRV

    1. Mount TRV to reduction.
    2. Screw it up by turnung clockwise.
      Sometimes you need to develop more power to tight it.
    3. Press and holdfor atleast 3 seconds till M symbol disappear.

TRV has weak or depleted batteries

If display on TRV is off and Room is overheated, then batteries are weak or depleted.

How to change battery:

  1. Detach battery cover.
  2. Remove old batteries.
  3. Insert new batteries.
    ⚠Attentieon: Pay attention to correct polarity.
    ⚠Attentieon: Use lithium batteries for longer battery life.
  4. Attach cover to TRV.
  5. Wait few seconds (recommended).
  6. If TRV is connected to your Smarthome system, then press.

Error notifications

In some casses TRV shows following notifications on the display.

Error code
E1, E2, E3, E4
Faulty TRV. Please, contact your dealer for following instructions.
Error in comunication - TRV is out of range from Smart home HUB. Please more HUB closer or add repeater into a system.

Radiator does not heat, even if TRV is set to higher temperature

This behavour can mean 3 issues. It could be faulty radiator, faulty TRV or back-throtle is tighten. 

How to determine, what kind of problem do i have.

  1. Check the pipes leading to radiator
    • If they are cold - issue with radiator
      • Try to loose a bit back-throtle.
        ⚠Attention: Back-Throtle is located at the pipe of radiator where TRV and valve are not placed.
    • One of the pipes is hot (supply pipe)
      • Proceed to step 2.
  2. Set TRV to 28°C temporarily.
    • If radiator is cold and supply pipe hot, then please contact your dealer about faulty TRV.

Factory reset

Following steps are for reset your TRV.

If TRV is not part of smarthome system:

  1. Detach cover and take out one of the batteries.
  2. Press and Hold button.
  3. While holdinginsert battery back.
  4. Release.
  5. On display, you should see all symbols.
  6. Presstill you see M on th display.
  7. Press and holdfor 3 seconds.

If TRV is part of the smart home system Fibaro:

  1. Go to Devices section.
  2. Clikc to Add or remove device button in the leftmenu.
  3. Scroll down to remove device.
  4. Press1x.
  5. If removed wait for few seconds, till yyour TRV will be heared.
  6. Scroll up and press Add button.
  7. Press1x.
  8. When device will be added into system, then press and holdfor 3 seconds.